Would there be fewer deaths if we were all vegan?

A new report sensationally claims there would be 130,000 FEWER DEATHS annually if the UK’s meat-eaters went vegan.

The Veganism Impact Report reflects the huge impact on the UK’s health, economy and emissions of eating meat.

There report says that, if we all went vegan, there would be 8,800 fewer cancer cases in the UK each year, and a billion hectares of the world’s land surface used for livestock made available.

It’s certainly reasonable to  predict that there would also be a notable reduction in the amount of the world’s land surface occupied by livestock, with a billion fewer hectares used for agriculture if the global population went vegan.

.For example, dairy products and birds’ eggs accounted for a huge £386 million of the UK’s exports in 2017, but if production rose to meet the increased consumption of a solely non-vegan population, these exports could rise to £390.5 million.

There’s also the fishing industry to consider. For example, if vegans became pescatarian, boosting their omega 3 intake as a result, the aquaculture trade would receive a boost of €1,787,700,000 and be able to employ 644 more fishermen per year.

Plate Up curry

The Vegan Society says that their vegan curry, launched for the Plate Up For The Planet campaign, may be the greenest meal ever.

A 13lbs (6kg) portion of yellow split pea, potato and cauliflower curry uses 4.4lbs (2kg) yellow split peas, 4.4lbs (2kg) potatoes and will feed 50 people for just over £20, with its carbon footprint calculated to be a mere 8.92kg CO2e.

A non-vegan version of this recipe – a beef and lentil curry – would have an estimated carbon footprint of 130.56kg CO2e, a whopping 15 times more than the vegan equivalent.

Clare Oxborrow, Food and Farming campaigner at Friends of the Earth, said: “Given the huge environmental impacts of meat and dairy, it makes sense for all of us to reassess our diets for the benefit of the climate, nature and farmed animals.

“We also need the government and food industry to make it much easier for people to access healthy, sustainable diets.

“Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or an omnivore, everyone can enjoy more veg-based meals. Cheaper, great for the planet and your health, and tasty too – what’s not to love?”

Why not give it a try? Click here for the recipe.

For more details on the true impact veganism and non-veganism, see



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