Waitrose expand their vegetarian range

_medium-sized_1290118_waitrose_13178839621809Now we know there are a lot of vegetarians and vegans in the Bournemouth area and some fantastic eateries that cater to your needs. But sometimes you just want to stay in; and supermarket offerings can be a little dull.

Luckily, Waitrose (which has a huge store in Winton) have expanded their total vegan and vegetarian assortment by 60 per cent, with exciting options to suit all price ranges and taste buds. They have teamed up with expert producers The Happy Pear – created by renowned plant-based and whole food chef duo David and Stephen Flynn, and The Vegetarian Butcher – a Dutch company specialising in meat substitutes, made using plant-based proteins.

Waitrose says sales of their vegetarian and vegan meals are on the up, reporting a 34 per cent year on year increase in purchases.

Chloe Graves, Waitrose Chilled Vegetarian and Vegan Buyer says, “Our current selection of products has been selling really well week after week, with requests for more choice coming from our customers and Partners, so we could clearly see there was an appetite to have more vegetarian and vegan options in our shops.
“Increasing our range builds on the work we did last year to increase choice for our customers in this area. We are working with some fantastic exclusive brands to ensure our shoppers have a really unique selection of food to choose from.”

She also said flexitarianism – eating mostly, but not strictly, vegetarian – is on the rise, too. Certainly, I buy as many vegetable-based ready meals as I do meat-based as it’s an easy way to ensure I get my five-a-day (most days).

David and Stephen Flynn, The Happy Pear co-founders said: “We have been working with Waitrose since 2016, creating vegan recipe videos and on customer events, and this is a great, growing partnership, which supports our mission to help people live healthier and happier lives.”

The new range consists of:
•    Waitrose Vegetable Burgers £2.99
•    Waitrose Sweet Potato Stacks £3
•    Waitrose Buffalo Cauliflower Bites £2.50
•    Waitrose Sweet Potato and Chipotle £2.50
•    Two Waitrose Summer Berry Quinoa Crumble £4 (suitable for vegans)
•    Two Waitrose Chocolate Tortes £3.50 (suitable for vegans)
•    The Happy Pear Sundried Pesto £3 (suitable for vegans)
•    The Happy Pear Basil Pesto £3 (suitable for vegans)
•    The Happy Pear Houmous £2 (suitable for vegans)
•    The Happy Pear Beetroot Houmous £2 (suitable for vegans)
•    The Happy Pear Shepherdless Pie  £4.50 (suitable for vegans)
•    The Happy Pear Chickpea Curry £4.50 (suitable for vegans)
•    The Vegetarian Butcher Mc Burger £2.99
•    The Vegetarian Butcher Little Willies £2.99
•    The Vegetarian Butcher Chicken Nugget s £2.99 (suitable for vegans)
•    The Vegetarian Butcher Chicken Pieces £2.99 (suitable for vegans)
•    Clive’s Tomato and Olive Provencale Tart £3.49 (suitable for vegans)
•    Clive’s  Creamy Mushroom Wholemeal Pie £2.55 (suitable for vegans)
•    Clive’s Lentil and Kale Ragout with Cranberry Tart £3.49 (suitable for vegans)
•    Clive’s Nut Roast for two £5.25 (suitable for vegans)
•    BOL Mediterranean Roasted Vegetable 345g £3.00 (suitable for vegans)
•    BOL Sri Lankan Lentil Sambar 345g £3.00 (suitable for vegans)
•    BOL Sweet Potato & Cauliflower Immune Boosting Super Soup 500g £3 (suitable for vegans)
•    BOL Thai Coconut Curry 345g £3 (suitable for vegans)
•    Quorn Thai Bites £2.25
•    Quorn Single Sausage Roll  £1.69
•    Quorn Steak Slice £1.69
•    Quorn Emmental Escalape £2.89
•    Quorn Oriental Ready Meal £3.30
•    Quorn Vegan Ham Slices £2 (suitable for vegans)
•    Quorn Vegan Chicken Slices £2 (suitable for vegans)
•    Quorn Turkey Deli Slices £1.80
•    Cauldron Indian Balls £2.69 (suitable for vegans)
•    Heck Beet Goes On Sausages £2.69
•    Higgidy Spanokapita Rolls – 2 Pack £2.65
•    Higgidy Vintage Cheddar Rolls – 2 Pack £2.65
•    Higgidy Artichoke Parcels £3.50
•    Higgidy Vegan Parcel £3.50 (suitable for vegans)
•    Pieminister Kevin Pie £3.70(suitable for vegans)
•    Ugo Butternut Fiorelli £3.49 (suitable for vegans)
•    Ugo Mushroom Fiorelli £3.49 (suitable for vegans)
•    Ugo Beetroot Gnochhi (suitable for vegans)
•    Tideford Tomato and Basil Sauce £2.29 (suitable for vegans)
•    Tideford Lentil and Kale £2.29 (suitable for vegans)
•    Tideford Tomato and Pepper and Miso Soup £2.89 (suitable for vegans)
•    Tideford Minestrone Soup   £2.89 (suitable for vegans)
•    Tideford Miso Paste £4.99 (suitable for vegans)
•    Tideford Vegan Gravy £2.59 (suitable for vegans)
•    Koko Dairy Free Alternative To Cheddar £2.29 (suitable for vegans)
•    Koko Dairy Free Alternative To Soft Cheese £1.99 (suitable for vegans)
•    Linda McCartney Duck Meal Kit £5 (suitable for vegans)
•    Linda McCartney Scampi £2.75 (suitable for vegans)
•    Linda McCartney Meatballs £2.75 (suitable for vegans)
•    Linda McCartney Sausages £2.75 (suitable for vegans)
•    White Rabbit Viva La Vegan Pizza £5 (suitable for vegans)
•    White Rabbit Smokin Vegan Pizza £5.00 (suitable for vegans)
•    White Rabbit Plain Vegan Pizza Base £3.50 (suitable for vegans)



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