Using the power of the mind

As many anxiety sufferers would agree, when times get tough you will try anything – animal, mineral or vegetable – to make yourself feel better.

In terms of alternative therapy I’ve tried pretty much everything going. But hypnotherapy has been one of the most effective methods I’ve found of replacing those stupid negative thoughts in my head with something a bit more useful.

I work with Georgia Foster – five years now – and she agrees that a negative thought pattern that is instilled in you at an early age is very difficult to break.

That’s why she has developed a new product called The Prosperity Boost.

Virginia Alexandra, who I developed The 3 Minute Anxiety Fix with, has just developed prosperity tools for her clients and she is getting amazing feedback.

There are three powerful positive subliminal messages that you can listen to at anytime. This means you can be busy doing other things while the audio recordings are playing. Some people like to listen while driving the car, at the office or even at the gym because it is not hypnosis – it’s subliminal messages.

THE GOOD NEW is… it’s all being absorbed into the clever part of your mind that is open to discovering healthier and more liberating ways of living your life!

Here’s what you will receive when you purchase The Prosperity Boost:


This can be put on in the background whilst you are going about your day. After a while you may experience your mind repeating the word and rhythm and this is a good thing. This allows the mind to operate at a higher intuitive level.


This upbeat track can be played if you are feeling under confident about any situation. Packed full of positive subliminal affirmations to you help you feel capable, spontaneous and confident.


The track Creativity allows your brain to relax and create space for ideas to flow and problem solving. This piano track is lovely to have playing the background if you are feeling particularly stressed and cannot stop the mind from reeling.

And the BONUS IS… a special opportunity just for today!


This product also contains one powerful tried and tested 3-minute movement (it’s really easy for everyone) accompanied by saying the word HAR to create wealth and bring financial opportunities. Try it… It is amazing!

This is a very powerful action. It is so powerful it is only done for 3 minutes daily. Buy today and start creating.



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