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By Georgia Foster

Yes, I am a mother of 3 boys and yes, I am home schooling while running a business but my life is no busier than the next person in my situation. So, I can assure you, I will make the time to answer any questions you have because YOU are important.

So, if you would like to share anything with me, I would love to hear how life is for you in lockdown?

To make it easy just hit reply on this email and I will get back to you with my thoughts. Any technical issues will still be addressed by one of my team.

So, here’s what’s been happening in lockdown for me.

Most days we try and get out for some exercise, as the boys have so much energy! They just love to hit the local beach and jump off the wall and run around, a simple pleasure!

Even though it’s getting cold here in Melbourne it doesn’t stop them. Here we are on Mother’s Day which was last Sunday in OZ!

Georgia and the Triplets

To celebrate a lockdown Mother’s day, myself and a couple of other mum’s had a virtual catch up via zoom with a few wines which was lovely. One of the mothers mentioned that she hadn’t had an alcohol free day in 5 weeks. She was panicking about her weight and her liver!

I agreed with her, that alcohol free days have been challenging for me too. My Inner Critic was giving me a hard time and the lack of exercise was starting to show!

I have a rule with myself… If I notice my Inner Critic is giving me a hard time about something, I talk to it. I literally dialogue with it to understand why it is being so mean to me. To put my Inner Critic in perspective, I decided I needed to ‘walk my talk’ because I get caught out just like others with it’s mind games sometimes. It needs to be kept in check when life is challenging.

So my strategy was to play my new Pajama Diet drink less subliminal recording while I was working at my desk. It really helped me get back into a healthier routine of alcohol free days and curbing that extra Chardonnay I know makes me foggy the next day.

For those who would like more information on the Pajama Diet here it is…

The Pajama Diet

For some of us, we are lucky that things are starting to return slowly to ’some kind of new normal.’ For those who are still in lockdown and your gym membership is still on hold (or you simply don’t like going to the gym) this shouldn’t mean you put your health and fitness on hold!

The Pajama Diet is a great solution for ‘couch potato’s’ and those just not motivated to exercise right now without actually having to get out of bed!

I came up with this product idea many years ago after a client asked me to help her heal from a sports injury faster. One of her biggest concerns was putting on weight because she was more sedentary (sound familiar?) It worked so well that her husband came to see me because he wanted to improve his golf swing! Then I had a spate of their friends coming to see me too about their tennis game and general motivation to exercise more. The feedback was fantastic and the overall comments were not just about a ‘real’ improvement in fitness, weight reduction but also in their mood too!

Then recently I discovered a study which was conducted by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation which officially proved you can build bigger muscles JUST BY THINKING about using them. In other words, just by using your imagination you can transform a procrastinator of exercise into a powerhouse of strength!

The great news is that my system works on the same principle but much deeper using the power of hypnosis, which is a natural state between being asleep and awake.

The bonus here is that muscles are being moved more… even while resting which means burning more calories too!

One experiment proved that muscle strength can improve by 35% just by doing this exact technique. So with my knowledge and training, I fine-tuned this theory and put it into practice with great results and I have also added lots of important extra’s too!

It’s not just about exercise. There is a whole suite of recordings built on this same proven theory!

I also am offering an Eat Less and Drink Less program as well, to give you even better all-round health and wellbeing results. So it is a triple whammy for those who want all the recordings! Now you can exercise in your sleep or while sitting, as well as eating intuitively and naturally drink less while in Quarantine or not.

* Please note you can buy them individually too!

So just to clarify…

I have created very specific recordings for our life RIGHT NOW that will support you both emotionally and physically through this isolation stage. I want YOU to come out the other side FITTER, SLIMMER & HEALTHIER, ready to go out into the world not feeling like a couch potato and being on top of your game!

Buy The Pajama Diet

Supplements & Home Workouts

I have had quite a few emails from clients and customers asking my advice about what supplements are the best to help build their immune system. So I did some research, asked some colleagues and have come up with a number of companies who sell high quality vitamins, probiotics and more. So I will be sharing them with you on a regular basis, so please look out for them. These are companies I work with and trust, so rest assured no scams.

When I share these updates, you will see a new intro at the beginning of my subject lines, which will simply be: H&F (health and fitness) and this will be because I will be suggesting some of my colleagues products – not mine. The email will also have this banner at the top of each email, so you will know as soon as you see it, that I am promoting partners of mine and not my products.



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