Top five ways to make Christmas leftovers last

‘Tis the most expensive time of the year – so utilising Christmas leftovers and excess fruit and veg this time of year is essential.

Luckily, Blinds Hut has been gathering insider knowledge from wholesale traders to create a helpful guide for 131 different fruits and veggies, ordered A-Z.

The guide details:

  • The optimum place and temperature to keep food fresher for longer
  • The length of storage time needed to guarantee the longest shelf life
  • How to extend the shelf life of fresh produce
  • How to minimise plastic use
  • How to reduce household waste AND save money

Fruit and vegetables are essential to help you fill up on vitamins and stay away from the chocolate and alcohol that can pile on the festive pounds.

Top five tips based on insider trade knowledge from wholesalers are:

  1. Purchase fresh produce from grocers rather than supermarkets
  2. Utilise your fridge space
  3. Keep your banana’s away from the fruit bowl
  4. Not all your vegetables should be stored together
  5. Reduce your household waste

And now, the good news. You can make your Christmas favourites such as potatoes, carrots, ginger and parsnips last as long as 26 weeks by keeping them in the fridge. Other fruits with an impressive shelf life include apples, which if stored in the fridge can last a mammoth 52 weeks. Grapefruits and lemons can last as long as 26 weeks in a cool place, and oranges, which can go on for up to 12 weeks in the fridge.

So make your festive supermarket shop last well into January!

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