The best vegan restaurants in London

If you’ve exhausted all Bournemouth has to offer in Veganuary, now is the time to explore the capital. In just one day in London, we had green juice for breakfast, a superfood salad for lunch and deep fried ice cream for dinner. Yum!

Our guide was this fab new book. Serena Lee, author of popular blog, Vegans of LDN, has put together the first guide to the diverse and vibrant vegan food scene across London.

It lists 80 of London’s best vegan and vegan-friendly establishments.

Serena said: “Almost five years ago, I made the decision to change my eating habits and eliminate animal-based products from my diet. The misconception is that it’s really hard to eat a vegan diet when out and about in London, but that couldn’t further from the truth. London is the best city for vegan lifestyle choices, whether you need to find a vegan-friendly place to eat, find brands that match the lifestyle or meet like-minded people in events.”

So whether you care about your health, the environment or animals (hopefully all three), use this book to navigate the city’s plant-based dishes.

Fact file

Serena Lee Fazzolari is a food and lifestyle blogger based in East London, UK. She founded Vegans of LDN  in 2014 as a resource to share the best and most vegan-friendly places to eat and drink around London, as well as other ways to promote vegan living in the city.

Her blog and social media pages now serve London’s vegan community as a resource for where to wine, dine and even go for a vegan-friendly hair appointment – but the main focus will always be Serena’s first love: plant-based food. Vegan London is her first book.

See and #vegansofldn on Twitter.





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