Tesco launches ‘wonky’ fruit and veg juices

Food4Media_United_Kingdom_medium-sized_1282303_t1Waste NOT want not… A new range of juices at Tesco use so-called ‘wonky’ veg that would have otherwise gone to waste. Surplus beetroot, watermelon, apples, strawberries and a range of vegetables are cold pressed for a nutritious, delicious start to the day, with the added benefit of tackling food waste.

The firm estimate that in the first three months of sales, the £1.50 juices could save around 3.5 tonnes of surplus fruit and vegetables.

Tesco prepared fruit buyer Jo Batty said: “These delicious juices are the latest way that we are helping tackle food waste by ensuring as much of the crop as possible gets used.

“The fruit and vegetables being used in the range falls outside the specifications for fresh produce and although they might not be flawless to look at they still offer shoppers a great taste.

“This is the juicing way of giving these imperfect fruit and vegetables a second chance!”

Choose from the following flavours:

  • Orange, Carrot and Apple
  • Orange, Beetroot and Apple
  • Apple, Watermelon, Strawberry, Cucumber and Mint
  • Orange, Apple, Celery and Spinach

Food4Media_United_Kingdom_medium-sized_1282304_waste-not-1If you are someone who rarely eats breakfast, these are a great morning pick me up. Opt for the beetroot one for maximum vitamins; opt for the spinach one to boost brain power and muscle repair; while the apple and watermelon one would be the perfect refreshing drink for a day at the beach.

The Waste NOT range, which has been created by two of Tesco‘s major produce suppliers, G’s and AMC, will be sold in about 350 Tesco stores across the UK. Find out more at



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