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Summer essentials: suncare

Each week we profile our favourite summer products, perfect for pre-holiday packing and pampering

Now I rarely rave about a brand or product. In fact, I pride myself on being a proper beauty blogger and trying new things every week. But there is one range that has kept me sane, and safe, in the current heatwave in sunny Salisbury.

I’m on a (I hope) brief career break that involves a lot of time outdoors and, for a strawberry blonde like me, that’s meant five-mile hikes in 26 degree temperatures. Not to mention a fair few picnics in the park and hours gawping at the town’s amazing cathedral.

home-main-2But all I’ve ended up with is a smattering of freckles and, for the first time in my life, a bit of a tan on my face and arms! Even my legs are joining the party this week, turning from a deathy blue to a fair beige, good enough for shorts, for sure.

A friend recommended Ultrasun and I now use the Face Tinted formula daily. It’s a bit like a BB cream, as in it evens out the complexion, but it’s raison d’être is to offer heavy duty UVA, UVB and infrared A protection. It moisturises, too, so can replace your usual foundation when you are in a hurry. It’s priced at £26 so, again, that’s the price of a decent foundation.

It’s lightweight and doesn’t clog pores. It has anti-aging properties but, as I’ve been detoxing at the same time, I can’t be sure if the product or the fresh air has kept fine lines at bay. Probably a combination of both.

But I think the hero product of the range is the Ultrasun Tan Activator Body, new out this year, a first to market protecting at high SPF (30) with very high UVA (90%) protection as well as being a natural tan enhancer. I swear I’ve never seen my arms go brown before. Red, pink then white, maybe beige. Not brown.

According to the literature, this natural tan enhancer has been shown to accelerate the tanning process by over 40% in 10 days. Perfect for an envy inducing tan after a break away. Free from oil, perfume, emulsifiers or preservatives it is suitable for all skin types even the most sensitive. It’s £28 but you only have to apply it once a day, seriously. The bottle has so far lasted four weeks with no sign of waning – so grab it now so you can protect yourself AND boost your tan all summer long.

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For further information on Ultrasun visit www.ultrasun.com.

It’s also available from LookFantastic, M&S, Amazon and many many online retailers.



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