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The Old Christchurch Road revival is big news for 2014 and us girls need somewhere to go for a little pampering before hitting the bars. Bournemouth town centre has a few great hairdressers to choose from but Vogue Hair, opposite Revolution, offers a sunny-side up approach to your beauty regime, with sunbeds, spray tans and beauty treatments on hand too.

Now you have to be careful with tanning but Vogue Hair offers a responsible approach to sunbeds. No-one can go on for more than 10 minutes – no matter how olive your skin is! If you are desperate for a deeper glow, there are a number of tan accelerator products on sale at reception.

Whether you are pro or anti sunbeds, you can’t be surprised that Vogue Hair has been very popular during the recent wet weather spell. Ladies like me looking for a mood boost; foreign students, aghast at their first experience of a British winter; even many men popped in for a tan when I visited at the beginning of the month.

I went in at 9.30am – not an hour I’m usually a fan of – and 10 minutes on the sunbed was perfect for a bit of a lift and to wake me up a bit. Next, I had a cheeky blowdry with Clare. Now I’m not very high maintenance, as the dishevelled photos of me every weekend prove.

But I had a lot of meetings that day and we all know nice hair can help your confidence. My hair is also very long and almost unmanageable. But not in expert hands.

Clare not only gave me smooth, straight yet bouncy hair in record time, she also had a calm, unruffled manner that makes her the perfect choice for girls who head to the salon for a bit of me-time on a crazy day.

She’s also a complete product junkie, like me, and we had a good old chat about our favourite shampoos. Vogue stock Moroccan Oil conditioners – a real transformative product that is perfect for hair battered by winter weather. They also stock Fudge, ideal for styling short hair and also very popular with the menfolk. They also use GHDs, nothing else will work on my extra long hair.

A blowdry is just £16.80 and if you keep an eye on their Facebook page, they also have frequent special offers.


Address 206 Old Christchurch Road, BH1 1PD, Bournemouth

Phone 01202 291910



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