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Review: £55

The word ‘detox’ may fill you with horror. But it makes sense, beyond the annual January purge and punishment, to take time out on occasion to listen to your body and give it a break from the toxins we batter it with on a daily basis.

I’m worst than most in terms of putting the wrong things into my body. Yes, I’m a health writer but that doesn’t stop me reaching for the cheap wine and trans-fat-filled crisps far too often. Recently, I’ve been so busy food is grabbed and consumed on the run. So I thought it was time to put my contacts to good use and ask for some advice.

Geeta Sidhu-Robb, CEO of Nosh Detox (, has a client list reads like a rock n roll who’s who. Jefferson Hack, Stella McCartney and Georgia May Jagger all rely on Nosh to right the wrongs of their lifestyle. She founded the company in 2005 when she started researching nutrition and alternative therapies when her son got ill. I can certainly relate, being medication-free and battling anxiety through exercise and positive thinking (where possible). Geeta’s ingredients are the very finest of nature’s garden – acai, flaxseed, goji and Green Synergy powder – all designed to support the body as it gets rid of the elements it doesn’t need.

I was recommended a five-day juice fast. Yes, fast is a scary word but I was honestly never hungry. The juices are dense and full of fruit – you have to freeze half of them to get the full goodness. But best of all, the juices are delicious and organic. You also get herbal teas for every ailment (headaches, sore muscles). Coupled with salt scrubs, spirulina and a helpline, I was fully supported throughout the five days. I was a little moody with a co-worker but hopefully she understands. Yes, the programme is a little expensive however if you add up how much you spend on alcohol, eating out or takeaways in any given month, you can easily justify the cost. And it’s a healthy and intelligent way to drop a few pounds – I lost four pounds in all and felt full of energy.



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