New fitness trends

Let’s get weird! We are all going a bit crazy in lockdown so channel that adrenaline into something positive. Fitness is something people of all ages can work on. Indoors or outdoors, stay safe and stay sexy with a variety of exercise.

One trend that we recommend doing indoors is naked yoga.

OnBuy Fitness experts were interested to uncover the most obscure fitness trends the UK have flocked to during lockdown.

After analysing search volumes throughout the past month, they can reveal the weirdest and most uncommon fitness trends that have flourished during lockdown!

–  With over 32,000 searches last month, the most popular and unusual fitness trend is ‘naked yoga’

–  Viral fitness trend ‘Doga’ is among the top five, with 10,750 searches – 61% are also interested in attending a class in person!

–  OnBuy found that 43% have broadened their fitness options during lockdown

–  ‘Beer yoga’ is crowned the most desirable trend, with 62% keen to try an online class

Or outdoors, just go for a walk! There are some fantastic walking trails around Dorset.

When asked ‘what is your go-to choice when working out?’ a whopping 47% said they use an online class/tutorial to get their daily exercise in! This is followed by 23% choosing a personal memorised workout, 14% using a TV workout, 13% opting for an outdoor walk/jog and only 3% would visit a personal trainer.

OnBuy Fitness discovered that of the 36% working out more frequently, 35% are participating because they have more time on their hands – reducing the length of their working day has left more time for fitness.

33% have participated in more exercise to feel/look good, 16% because they’re bored and 12% say they feel pressure to get fit.



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