New beauty ideas for 2020

Dr. Olivier Amar, leading cosmetic surgeon and co-founder of London-based cosmetic treatment pioneers Uvence has been at the forefront of the innovation of aesthetic medicine, and now shares his insight into the relationship between beauty standards and the future of the cosmetic surgery industry.

“It has long been understood that beauty ideals vary geographically and culturally, just as they vary from generation to generation. Different cultures have idealised varying body types and features, whether it’s a jaw-shaping surgery in Southeast Asia, body-contouring in South America, or breast augmentation in North America.

Contrarily, today’s ideal is a look  where you can’t tell any work has been done at all. Previously we have seen some relatively extreme results, with implants and fillers where added volume completely changes someone’s appearance.  In the past few years however, there has been a quiet  push toward procedures that simply result in a younger and fresher look, rather than adding volume where there once wasn’t, as these procedures have longer lasting and more natural results.

One very distinct trend that is taking place at the moment is the increased popularity of treatments like injectables, peels and lasers, which are relatively minimally invasive. I believe that today’s patient is looking for a treatment is relatively inexpensive, low commitment and has the least amount of recovery time.

Our research indicates that the demand for cosmetic surgery will continue to grow post-lockdown, as we have observed a considerable increase in popularity in recent years. Two key components in the development of cosmetic surgery are to make the procedures less invasive and more affordable.

As surgeons start offering more minimally invasive procedures that can be spread out over years, it gives patients the opportunity and time to change their beauty routine to highlight the natural benefits of this process. We predict new treatments, such as stem-cell therapies, engineered tissue injection and hyper-personalised cosmetic approaches which will offer a 100% natural alternative to fillers and botox, and these treatments will only become cheaper and more commonplace with time. 

This is just the beginning of a really exciting journey of how we can use our own tissue and its rejuvenating properties to naturally lift the look and feel of our skin. While we cannot stop the ageing process, we can slow it down, and that is exactly what treatments like Uvence can allow us to do. This kind of treatment ‘resets the clock’ on aging without the permanence of surgery, or potential toxicity of other cosmetic treatments.”



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