Make your own lunch to stay healthy, save money

It’s time to pimp up that packed lunch! Saving money is a top priority for Brits with 45% stating saving money as the reason to make a packed lunch. The average consumer saves £29 a month by making their own packed lunch – the equivalent of £13billion a year.

But making your own lunch is the best way to eat fresh and stay sexy. Pre-packed sangers use all sorts of preservatives, salt and fatty dressings.

It’s not just our bank balance that has benefited from home-made lunches with a new culinary trend of pimping up the British sandwich to make lunchtime a more glamorous affair heralds a new lunchtime meal  – ‘the glamwich’. Over two thirds (69%) of Brits now make a packed lunch and almost half (47%) change sandwich ingredients to make a packed lunch more exciting.

The research published of more than 2,000 Brits by Pilgrims Choice and Censuswide, highlights more than 60 per cent of the population now regularly choose to make their own lunches. Out of these lunch makers nearly half (48%) choose to make a sandwich, which if made on a daily basis would be enough sandwiches to fill 48 double decker buses per day.

With one in five consumers adding fancy fillings to make their lunch more exciting and because it looks better than shop bought products, the art of sandwich making just got better. High-quality cheese, different kinds of bread, olives and pesto all make the lunch hour that little more exciting!

Need some inspiration? The Ultimate Sandwich brings you a sandwich culinary delight of Jonas Cramby’s journey around the world searching for his sandwich highs – from eating pastrami on rye in a New York deli, to a croque at a café in Paris, or a bao from a street stall in Taiwan.

Making an awesome sandwich? Post your photo on Instagram and share the sandwich love – #sandwichgram



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