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As family health is in the headlines, I suggest we all take to social media to demand Boris Johnson finds the money to provide meals for children. Marcus Rashford has bravely shared his story that should inspire our nation.

I admit I am usually a true blue but when it comes to people eating healthily, bite me. Sir Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, has issued an appeal from his party for the government “to make sure no child goes hungry this summer by funding free school meals”.

Rashford tweeted on Monday afternoon: “We aren’t beaten yet, stand strong for the 200,000 children who haven’t had a meal to eat today and keep retweeting #maketheUturn.” That post had been retweeted 13,000 times

Foodhub fans will be able to keep up to date and see how much money has been donated to each charity via a dedicated page on the Foodhub website.

Foodhub COO Philip Mosty said: “We know it’s a tough time for everyone at the moment, especially charities, and we wanted to help out as much as we could.

“Each charity we have chosen holds a special place in our hearts as everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer or a terminal illness.

“Food banks are also particularly stretched right now with so many people relying on these services to feed their families day in, day out. We felt it was vital that we offered our support to this important cause.”

On partnering with Foodhub Suzy Liddell from the Trussell Trust said, “As the coronavirus pandemic develops, we are working closely with our food banks to support them to continue to provide the lifeline of emergency food for people in crisis.

“We’re extremely grateful for the support from Foodhub which helps us remain agile to respond to the changing situation and deploy resources to support people who don’t have enough money for the essentials throughout this time. We couldn’t continue to do what we do without this kind of support.”

On partnering with Foodhub On partnering with Foodhub, Claire Rowney, Executive Director of Fundraising, Marketing and Communications at Macmillan Cancer Support said, “The support Foodhub has offered is hugely welcomed and will directly benefit people living with cancer, which is more vital than ever before.

“This is an incredibly anxious time for many people with cancer and we are doing all we can to help, but we cannot do it alone. Our services are busier than ever, and we are facing an unprecedented and steep fall in public donations.

“With coronavirus dominating every aspect of our lives, it’s important that cancer does not become the ‘forgotten C’. The donations from customers will help ensure we can continue to fund services and provide cancer care and support, now and in the future.”



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