Is a wellness retreat really what you need?

In all the current chaos, we are all thinking about what we may do afterwards, if only to give us confidence to get through each day. Holidays are top of my list, then studies – thank you Bath Uni for setting up a virtual system in the meantime – but are we missing the big picture?

There are many fears we all face when going abroad.

Move with Us retreats offer unforgettable experiences for both your mind and your body; transforming perspectives and giving incredible adventures in beautiful surroundings. Here, they share 5 fears people face when booking a retreat and why you don’t need to worry before planning your stay. 

  1. Going alone – it might seem a little overwhelming to those of us who are used to holidaying with friends and family, but a lot of people see more benefit from retreats by going alone. Get to know your inner self once more, become confident in your own company and give yourself an opportunity to meet new like-minded people.
  1. Lacking experience – it’s a common misconception that you’ll need to be familiar with meditation or yoga to enjoy a wellness retreat. This simply isn’t true! Move with Us Retreats welcome visitors of all abilities, from total beginners to the pro’s, everyone will be accounted for.

  2. Feeling unfit – there’s no need to worry if you don’t feel in your best shape. A retreat is the perfect opportunity to take the first step in improving your physical wellness. Taking time out to discover what you love about your body and what you’d like to gain could be the beginning you need.
  1. A fear of switching off – jobs, emails and errands easily pile up on a day to day basis and the thought of throwing away your to-do list might be scary. But taking a step back, switching off and forgetting your daily stresses is an essential step towards self-love and growth that will benefit all areas of your life.
  1. Will I get bored? – absolutely not. Retreats offer you the opportunity to tailor your getaway exactly to your needs and interests. Decide for yourself what activities you get up to and how much or little you do of them. Surrounded by breath-taking scenery, beautiful accommodation and life-changing experiences, there is always something new to immerse yourself in. 

Move with Us retreats offer unforgettable experiences for both your mind and your body; transforming perspectives and giving you adventures that’ll benefit you for years to come. 

Their unique, holistic approach to wellness retreats aims to reset your mental habits, nervous system and thought processes to leave you feeling more confident about yourself, emotionally, and physically stronger. 

Meditations in the desert; relaxing escapes in the ice caves of Austria – their wellness escapes are unexpected and hand-picked, giving you the space to connect with yourself and your environment.



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