Holidays and breaks are ‘essential to wellbeing’

As the nation debates whether or not it is appropriate for MPs to have a break as usual this summer; let me weigh in. We are talking about human beings who have a very pressured job. If they don’t rest, they may make bad decisions. Stress may not be a word that a lot of people like but it’s real.

A study of 2,000 office workers found taking annual leave at least once every six weeks helps stave off exhaustion.

And seven in 10 adults agreed they suffer fatigue and feel run down if they go too long without booking a holiday.

It also emerged that the top tell-tale signs of a holiday being due include feeling stressed (56 per cent) and finding mental well-being is starting to suffer (53 per cent).

For three in 10 adults, sleepless nights are an indicator that work is beginning to take over, while 23 per cent will book a break if they find themselves crying for no particular reason.

Geoffrey Dennis, chief executive of SPANA which provides free veterinary treatment to working animals in developing countries worldwide, said: “Everybody deserves a break, and having regular little pit-stops can make all the difference to both productivity at work, and mental health.

“It is so important to book time out before it gets to the point where you aren’t eating, sleeping or functioning properly.

“Luckily most British employers are understanding of this fact, and workers get a choice about when they can take a break.

“However, it’s sadly a very different story for working animals overseas, which undertake gruelling work every single day and never get to enjoy holidays or retirement.”



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