Get a scent of Mykonos in your at-home spa

We are all desparate to get away this summer. But it makes sense to be sensible and, if you or your family members display symptoms, it’s best to bed in at home.

Self care is essential for self esteem so, after a busy day working from home or home schooling, turn your bathroom into your own personal spa and take time out. Just 60 minutes pampering will help you sleep, aid anxiety, cool your temper and make your skin look and small gorgeous.

If you want the scent of Greece to inspire you, we recommend HEINRICH BARTH and the No7 Mykonos range. A plethora of plants have been used to create this range from Basil, Sage, Rosemary, Chamomile, Lavender, Olive leaf extract, Fig leaves, Honey, Peppermint, Nettle, Sunflower and Soybeans, to name a few!

Gazing upon this range of beautiful, rich local produce, HEINRICH BARTH, named after the 19th century German explorer, found inspiration for their ‘N. 07 Mykonos’ capsule line (named ‘N. 07’ because July, the 7th month, is the start of their summer).

N. 07 Mykonos Skin Softening Body Cleanser (cruelty-free and Vegan-friendly)

250ml RRP £22 / 100ml RRP £13

This rich smelling body cleanser is infused with a blend of locally grown herbs (fig leaves, sage, rosemary, lavender, basil), taking us back to the golden beaches of this stunning Aegean island. The experts at HEINRICH BARTH have enthused this cleanser with a range of botanical extracts, to make the formula extra nourishing and gentle, and leave your skin superbly soft and smelling good enough for the Gods.

The Skin Softening Body Cleanser comes in 2 sizes, large and travel sized, to make it easier to take your holiday memories to other destinations.

N. 07 Mykonos Shampoo All Hair Types (cruelty-free and Vegan-friendly)

250ml RRP £21 / 100ml RRP £13

The experts at HEINRICH BARTH set out to create a rich, nourishing and revitalizing shampoo from the ingredients available on Mykonos. In a blend of mallow, honey, peppermint and nettle these ingredients come together to cleanse the scalp from any sea water or excess salt, soothe and regulate oil production in the follicles. The results are worthy of the best beaches on the island, and the aroma is intoxicating; scent from above!

N. 07 Mykonos Ultra Tanning Oil

100ml RRP £16 

This non-greasy tanning oil has built-in special sun filter technology (with UVA & UVB protection); which will allow you to reach optimal tan without damaging your skin or provoking the beast of premature ageing.  The perfect size for carry-on luggage, this travel sized Tanning Oil can come with you as you seek the sun.

The rich hydrating properties and delicious scent of fig leaf have been delicately mixed with other local botanicals (sunflower, soybean, olive and Mauritia Flexuosa fruit oil*) to create this lux Tanning Oil for your skin’s delight.

Directions: apply generously and evenly before sun exposure, re-apply frequently.


More commonly known as the ‘Moriche Palm’, Mauritia Flexuosa fruit only grows in very hot climates. It is also referred to as Buriti or Aguaje fruit, and is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and Vitamins A & E, which help to rebuild, moisturise and rehydrate skin cells. Only a true explorer would discover this!



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