Frankie Bridge spills saucy secret on hubby Wayne

By SWNS Digital

The Saturday’s singer Frankie Bridge has revealed her worst ever ‘saucy moment’ with footballer hubby Wayne – when he spilled ketchup everywhere on one of their first dates.

Frankie, 27, told how the red mist descended when, during a romantic meal, Wayne knocked a bottle of Britain’s favourite sauce all over the table – and her.

Frankie, who lists ketchup as one of her pet hates said: “I am not a fan and Wayne once spilled some everywhere.”

Former Premier League footballer Wayne, 37, added: ‘’ I remember that, it was one of our first dates. It went absolutely everywhere. Frankie was in pieces.’’

The loved-up couple were talking on-board Marella Discovery in the Norwegian Fjords where they created a cruise itinerary based on health and wellness, showcasing the ease and accessibility of keeping in ship shape on holiday.

The pair were seen making a splash together whist enjoying a kayaking excursion in the Geirangerfjord as part of their cruise.

Frankie and Wayne, who have two children, are well known for their love of keeping fit and grasped the challenge with both hands.

While Wayne claims to be the fittest of the two – Frankie agrees – he revealed his wife of four years can be a chatterbox during a work-out.

He added: ‘’Frankie likes to distract you when you’re working out. She likes to talk and stops the workout.

‘’I always say ‘If you’re talking you’re not working hard enough’.”

Frankie admitted: ‘’Wayne tells me off for moaning when we’re working out. It never warrants a sorry though.”

Wayne revealed exercising is now a daily thing for them.

He said: ‘’We might go to the gym or it might be a home workout. I will train most days, but sometimes Frank needs her arm-twisting or a bit of encouragement. We just went on holiday and I dragged her out for a run in the woods, with obstacles and everything.’’

Frankie explained how they warm up before exercising: ‘’We get on the treadmill and usually work in blocks of three exercises – burpees, ski machine, the assault bike, box jumps, squats, bunny hops and a bit of weights. If we were at home it’s more along the lines of battle ropes, mountain climbers, burpees, an ab circuit and running on the spot.

‘’And we use that as a HIIT session, working for 45 seconds, 15 seconds off, around a 30-35 minutes workout.’’

The couple have had to adapt their diets to ensure their bodies recover quickly from their exhausting routines. Wayne typically opts for cooked scrambled eggs with some chopped up peppers, spinach, avocado and smoked salmon for breakfast.

Frankie’s current lunch obsessions is kale, sweet potato and wild rice with a cashew vegan sauce from a little vegan juice shop near their home.

But it is Frankie who is the queen of the kitchen, admitting she makes a mean roast.

Cheeky Wayne agreed, then added: ‘’She’s is the better cook – she just doesn’t cook enough …..’’



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