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Editor’s blog: 6 Week Body Transformation – week 2 (the breakthrough)

Week 1: the whinge

Week 2: the breakthrough

Week 3: the slip-up

Week 4: the redemption

Week 5: the lightbulb moment

If anyone needs an extra incentive to sign up for a bootcamp, please read week 1 of this six-week series. Just a week on, I can’t believe how NEGATIVE I was. Everything felt like hard work – even just getting out of bed. Yes, I’ve been working really hard recently but, clearly, a life of takeaways and no exercise was affecting more than just my waistline.

It only took about 10 days on local trainer Jango Alpekin’s 6 Week Body Transformation programme for the mists to clear a little and my mood to lift. The recipes I thought were too fiddly and complicated actually are good fun to experiment with. The workout sessions are the highlight of my day and give me so much energy. And, amazingly, in just two weeks I can definitely see results already!

Jango gives you a new diet plan each week and, while there are some things on it I can’t stomach, like fish, it’s easy to swap in chicken or move recipes around to suit your tastes and lifestyle. I’m eating more fruit and veg than ever before and have become slightly addicted to parsnip chips. The breakthrough, towards the end of the week, came when I was standing in the queue at Tescos with a packet of carrot sticks, a bottle of water and the ingredients for homemade hummus. I suddenly realised that I used to laugh at people with a shopping basket full of vegetables. Now, well, I get it.

That’s not to say I’m not still nervous about the 6 Week plan. I’ve got to work in London this weekend and will have less control over what I can eat and when. It’s also a catwalk show and models always make me feel bad about myself. I just feel… invisible…

But hey, I’ve got to tackle all these demons one by one and that’s why I’m doing this. Bring on the carrot sticks.

Diet sins: I’ve not bought the supplements Jango recommends due to lack of cash. I’m still a bit moody in bootcamp sessions, at first, and keep being distracted by my phone.

Diet saint: Followed the eating plan to the letter apart from a couple of recipe swaps to avoid fish.  I even gave up fizzy water, yay me.

Read on, it gets better… Week 3

Our editor Suzi is currently enjoying (enduring) a 6 Week Body Transformation programme with Jango. If you lack the confidence and self-esteem and you want someone to guide you step by step to achieve the body you desire, then head over to Bournemouth bootcamp and activate your free taster week. 



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