Does ‘giving up’ alcohol for a month actually make you drink more?

Crash! Is that the sound of another person falling off the wagon? Don’t get me wrong – when the fun stops, stop. I’ve had periods of sobriety, followed by a spectacular and frightening relapse, followed by weeks of beating myself up then more sobriety, when life gets that little bit easier.

But is there a flipside? If someone has caved, or refused to start in the first place, are they now labelling themselves a ‘failure’ and drinking more alcohol? Are they shunned at work? Arguing with family and friends? Imbibing in secret?

This is a subject I’ve discussed at length with hypnotherapist Georgia Foster, who has won awards for her Drink Less Mind programme. Her global client base use her programme to cut down alcohol and build up confidence.

I have a number of clients who have come to see me to help them feel confident to commit to an alcohol-free month,” she said.

“It is a wonderful thing to do for your health and wellbeing as well as supporting a charity. However, let’s face it, for most people embarking on this healthier month, there is a slight trepidation. I am here to help with this niggle of self-doubt.”

Certain hurdles people may need to overcome are work-related events; changing your daily routine; and pressure (in either direction) from friends and family.

“Some people actually get upset when you tell them you are trying to drink less, as it throws a light on their own drinking habits,” she said. “Others are supportive.

“Also, if you need to be sociable or travel with work and know there are a few heavy drinking moments this month, I can help you to prepare for it.”

On one of the tapes, Georgia really takes the fear out of sobriety. She says: “Make a note of your AFDs (alcohol-free days). After the first one, you will feel really proud and so you should. Each one you have, write it down with pride. You have done something to empower your health and wellbeing, emotionally and physically. Only you could have done it!”

So what is the problem – the alcohol or the anxiety? Probably both.

Hypnotherapy tapes increase your confidence because they point out that triggers of overthinking and overdrinking can be as simple as boredom or as serious as mental illness. It depends on the personality type.

Readers can receive the first day of the Drink Less Mind programme completely free if you click here:

What are the bonuses?

    • More money in the bank
    • Healthier liver
    • More energy
    • Better quality sleep



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