Do you walk less than a mile a day?

A mile takes about 20 minutes to walk – can you manage that every day? If you are fairly fit and healthy of course you can! But shocking new research found that on an average weekday more than half (52%) of UK adults walk a mile or less and almost a fifth (17%) walk less than a quarter of a mile.

That’s according to Cancer Research UK’s Walk All Over Cancer campaign.

“For many people a spot of brisk walking is the easiest way to do this which is why signing up to our Walk All Over Cancer campaign is a great way to kick start a big difference to your physical health and wellbeing,” said Katie Edmunds, Cancer Research UK.

Nikki Gilmour, 47, from York, first took part in Walk All Over Cancer – a challenge involving walking 10,000 steps a day – in March 2017 when she was recovering from treatment for a brain tumour and a stroke.

The mum of one said: “It had been such a horrendous time. I’d had brain surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. I’d been told my cancer was life limiting and the stroke meant any kind of movement was difficult for me. I’d gone from doing Latin dancing to barely being able to walk round the block. I gave away my stilettos and bought some hideous elasticated old lady shoes. I lost my hair and the steroids caused me to put on five stone in weight.

“On the second day of my treatment I got a dog – a fluffy pug called Betty. She was fantastic, she really made me laugh, and she meant that I had to get myself out of the house and go for a walk. I found out about Walk All Over Cancer on Facebook on the same day that I had the results of a follow up scan, which showed the little bit of tumour that was left in my brain had responded better to the treatment than expected. So I thought – ‘Right I’m going to do that. That’s my goal. I’m going to get my strength up and do it’.

“Doing the challenge helped me to feel like I’d really turned a corner and had a new focus. I started investing in myself again. I lost weight and bought new clothes. I even got some of my stilettoes back from friends. Walking is such a great way to look after yourself, get outside and focus on the positives. That’s why I’m signing up again to take part with Betty this June.”

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