Cryotherapy for smooth summer skin

Cryotherapy is much more than just a celebrity beauty fad. Loved by Cherie Blair, the Real Housewives and me, the innovative treatment is also used to treat sporting injuries and beat cellulite. It also boosts brain power and helps tackle mental health issues; Frank Bruno used to take the treatment regularly at Champneys.

In terms of skincare, it’s ideal for summer beauty bugbears. London-based CryoAction is the UK’s leading provider of whole- body cryotherapy chambers, offering mobile and retail cryotherapy spaces alongside fixed spaces. Here, they offer five ways cryotherapy can help skin conditions.

1. It can calm skin – inflamed skin can be itchy, sore, dry and red. It’s not something that anyone wants to
have, but through using cryotherapy, you can help quell the symptoms of a skin condition. The cooling nature of the chamber calms your skin and leaves you looking fresher.

2. It’s quick and easy – the best thing about using cryotherapy to treat your skin is that it’s none evasive, it’s quick and it’s simple. Unlike other methods of treatment, cryotherapy requires no effort other than stepping foot inside of a chamber and coming out feeling like a new person. Cryotherapy has been shown to alleviate the signs of eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

3. It can battle acne – acne may be commonly associated with teenagers, but it can also affect people
of all ages. However, in cryotherapy, we now have a quick and painless solution to acne. Cryotherapy has been shown to help pimples heal faster, which has a huge impact when it comes to acne recovery and scarring.

4. It enhances antioxidant levels – Cryotherapy increases the antioxidant levels in the blood flow to the
skin, which encourages the regeneration of skin cells, making skin appear younger, softer and fresher. If you’re struggling with a skin condition, it is these new skin cells that we are key to your skin regeneration and recovery.

5. It reduces pain – inflamed skin can have a huge impact on someone’s self-confidence and it can be extremely painful. Cryotherapy reduces the pain associated with skin conditions such as acne by calming inflammation and cooling the skin.



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