Crussh your post-lockdown health kick

Despite having little to no appetite, I’m still putting on weight. So when I come out of isolation, I’m truly motivated to add more vitamins to my diet as well as speedy on the go snacks to restore my sorry sofa-bound butt into something more aesthetically pleasing.

Crussh offer to-go protein shakes, bars and sandwiches, as well as some sweet treats.

James Kidman, Head of Food said ‘ As an avid gym goer myself, (the protein shakes) are perfect pre or post gym, all delivering 20+ grams of protein and at great macros – all under 300kcal a serving. They’re freshly made to order with a plant-based milk, pea & hemp protein and an array of different ingredients; we’re excited to see how our ‘Incredible Bulk’ performs! 


Chocco Nutter: Almond milk, chocolate protein, banana, almond milk (Vegan, 24g protein, under 300 cals, £5.25).

Incredible Bulk: Coconut milk, vanilla protein, pineapple, spinach, banana, lime (Vegan, 24g protein, under 300 cals, £5.25).

Berry Super Warrior: Almond milk, vanilla protein, blueberries, strawberries, banana, flax seeds (Vegan, 23g protein, under 300 cals, £5.50).

Pure Protein: Chocolate or vanilla protein with almond milk (Vegan, 20g protein, under 300 cals £4.50).



Celery Juice: 100% Celery juice! (from £4.00).

Green Virgin Mary: A take on a Bloody Mary – Kale, tomato, celery, cucumber, lemon (from £4.00).

Turmeric Tonic: Apple, pear, ginger, freshly pressed turmeric (from £3.60).



Veganaires Shortbread Bites: Cashew & oat shortbread, date caramel & dark chocolate (V, Ve, GF, WF, DF, £2.95).

Paleo granola breakfast pot: Grain-free coconut, nut & seed granola with natural yoghurt & sliced banana (V, GF, WF, £2.50).

The 5 Veggie Sandwich: Houmous, avocado, red pepper, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach & bean sprouts on multi-seeded granary bread (Ve, DF, 1/5 a day, £3.35).

Chicken mezze protein healthpot: Zhoug marinated chicken breast, houmous & pickled slaw (GF, WF, DF, £2.90).




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