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A blog about other blogs? Well why not, eh? I keep this blog just for fun, somewhere to write about things I like without worrying about column inches, picture sizes and editors. And I know many other journalists do the same.

Blogs should indulge your passions so it’s no wonder that fashion, beauty and style are popular subjects. My time with Perfect Wedding magazine also introduced me to bridal blogs, which are rising in popularity and often incredibly detailed – a real labour of love (literally). Here are four of my new favourites…


Georgina Does

This blog should make me feel old but it’s just too damn nice not to mention. Georgina Does is the blog of 20-year-old Georgina Goodman, model and fashion lover. Her boyfriend takes the pics and her daily outfits are itemised, with deep links to specific products should you wish to buy. But it’s her super-cute lifestyle blog on her Valentine’s Day date that really caught my eye. A mix of fashion, food and travel, it’s incredibly detailed. There are also musings on music and gadget reviews. A brilliant blog for someone who’s only just 20.


Juno & Joy

Juno & Joy goes live today and I already know I’m going to love it. It’s a project by Sarah Christopher, who previously showcased her exquisite taste as Boho Bride. Sarah promises a mix of pictorial inspiration and practical how-tos to help brides-to-be find their feet in the dizzy-ing days in the run-up to their wedding.

Sarah says: “A Juno & Joy bride is creative, eclectic and stylish. She’s spirited and unique, never afraid to make a statement or reach for the inspirational with her bold choices. She’s strong, doesn’t compromise her dreams for other people’s opinions and doesn’t shy away from her own rebellious, quirky style.”


Telegraph Luxury

Ok, I’m biased but the online version of the Telegraph’s occasional Luxury supplement is very blog-y and has some nifty features you might like. The ‘My Notebook’ section enables me to  create my own, personalised mag, full of features about things I can’t afford, ideal for browsing in my lunchbreak or on the iPad on the train home. There are also editor recommendations to expand my horizons. Useful, luxe and beautiful to browse.



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