MyTelegraph, my rules

It’s an exciting time at ExpatHQ as the redesigned Telegraph website goes live and the new interactive MyTelegraph Expat’s community grows by the day.

I appreciate I’m biased, being a freelancer for the site and all, but I really think MyTelegraph is a fantastic site, making it easy to meet and interact with fellow expats, add friends, share links and discuss topical stories.

This blogging facility is brilliant, too, allowing anyone to publish a MyTelegraph-housed memoir of their time abroad.

A colleague and I were discussing the service the other day. He, being intensely private, wouldn’t dream of blogging, seeing it as an ‘over-share’ of personal information. While I am undeniably cautious about what I post online, I grew up used to giving all my personal milestones an online marker. Birthdays, Christmas, graduation – all these brief moments in time, immortalised forever on the interweb. Looking back over photos, emails and blogs gives me so much pleasure and, while any potential political ambitions may be torpedo’d by photos of me dressed as Minnie Mouse at Halloween, I’m willing to trade off a little loss of privacy for the benefits of an online memory collage.

Time passes so quickly it’s nice, sometimes, to have a look back at the path you’ve come down. Then, squaring your virtual shoulders, plod on into the unknown.



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