A ferry good time with Stena Line

Stena Line ferry Belfast to LiverpoolRegular readers of this blog will know that I hate to fly. I’m now able to get on an aeroplane without freaking out, thanks to a course of hypnotherapy with Positive Benefits, but I’d still rather not fly wherever possible.

So for a trip up to Derry to help set up Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Derry, it was a five hour drive to Liverpool, an eight hour ferry and then another two hour drive. I was dreading it. But they say that with any holiday, as in life, you should try to enjoy the journey. And surprisingly I did – very much!

Of course low expectations helped. What also helped was my friend and photographer Zoe Tranter taking over the driving. What helped even more were the fantastic facilities on the Stena Line Liverpool to Belfast ferry.

We’ve all been on ferries for school trips to France or over to the Isle of Wight festival but this was different. The boat rocked – not literally, we had good weather and smooth sailing. But the warm welcome from the Belfast-based NI Stena Line crew, combined with a cinema, bars, restaurants and even an executive lounge, made the trip so much fun and really relaxing.

We set sail at 10.30am with a sausage bap for breakfast, served by cheekie chappy Norman. We upgraded to Stena Plus so had cabins for an afternoon snooze and the aforementioned lounge with magazines, chocolate brownies, unlimited tea and Bargain Hunt on the telly. I treated myself o steak and salad for tea. Most importantly, we had space to stretch out, space to do a bit of work, and we arrived in Belfast well refreshed.

Maybe it’s because I’m the daughter of a Navy commander but hey, I felt well at home on that boat.



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