2013 – unlucky for some? Why wedding plans are on hold for the superstitious

As we end the first week of August – er, how did that happen? – I’m a little reflective about 2013 so far. It’s had incredible highs, amazing opportunities and a fair few lows, as life does. How was is for you? And what can we do to make the rest of 2013 as amazing as possible?

The fact that it’s the 13th year of the century has made some people superstitious. In fact, couples are even scared to get married this year in case that numerical oddity affects their union’s chance of survival. How mad it that?

Now those who are enjoying a longer engagement so they can feel more confident about their wedding date can get involved with a fictional wedding to indulge their inner planner as part of the Make My Day project.

“We started to notice from the middle of 2012 that a higher than average number of wedding enquiries coming into us as at Sternberg Clarke was for 2014 weddings but not many enquiries for 2013,” said managing director Adam Sternberg. “It didn’t occur to our team it could have had anything to do with the number 13, so when we started to dig a little deeper.”

Sternberg Clarke carried out a poll to ask if the 13 in 2013 were causing them to delay their wedding until 2014, as the team found it odd that people who were enquiring in 2012 were asking about their services for 2014 and appeared to be low on 2013 bookings.

“We were always going to launch our new wedding planning venture ‘Make Their Day’ in the first quarter of 2013 which we did in April – more details of this new service can be read at this end of this blog post – but what we are finding is that the couples who put their 2013 wedding plans on hold are using the ‘Make The Day’ service to still indulge in a spot of fantasy wedding planning by helping our fictional bride and groom to plan theirs.”

There’s certainly nothing harmful about a spot of superstition and, do you know what, immersing yourself in the fantasy world of weddings is certainly an enjoyable escape from the grind of everyday life. I’m not engaged, I’m not even dating, but I can relate, as I’ve kind of put my romantic life on hold while I launch my own business and help my niece through GCSEs.

I’m someone who likes to constantly take stock and assess and reassess their situation, I’ve decided to take this news as a sign to take a look at my own life. Has 2013 been unlucky for me? It has certainly been eventful. Here are some of the highlights and lowlights as I enter the final third of my year…

Moving house – as stressful as they say

I first started to feel wobbly around March when I had to move two people and a cat across town. The financial pressure as well as the logistics, well, I don’t know how I managed it and I never want to do it again. But people say that all the time, don’t they?

Ibiza for OK! magazine – surpassed my expectations

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Ushuaia Tower opening to write for OK! magazine – quality clubbing and guilty pleasures. I had concerns about crowds, clubs and cash but I actually had potential the best four-day break I’ve ever had. There was plenty of downtime, a spa day, amazing meals, an afternoon at a glorious finca lounging by the pool. I had the confidence to interact with strangers, relax and enjoy myself without the usual panic-induced shyness. I thought it may be my last Ibiza break but maybe not…

Glastonbury festival – tech troubles in a field

In contrast, the so-called peace-and-love festival in Glastonbury nearly gave me a nervous breakdown. The expectation to file not one but more than five features in a field, with just my iPad and keyboard, no WiFi, mobile reception in and out… I tried my best but the frustration really got to me. I had some fun times dancing to bands in the evenings but I came home exhausted and disillusioned. I’ve done festival reporting in my 20s, I can honestly say it’s not my thing any more. Give me an air-conditioned office over a tetchy tent any time.

BournemouthNews.info – one year old and going strong

My pet project, local independent news website BournemouthNews.info, turned one year old in May and I celebrated with friends at a lovely tapas tavern. It’s still a work in progress and has just had a redesign but it means the world to me. It’s born out of a true love for living in Bournemouth and it’s healthy lifestyle, friendly people, glorious weather, the beach, booming small businesses. If you’ve not visited lately – the town or the website – I’d really recommend it.

Moving forward – always moving forward

I do have the tendency to be superstitious myself however I also believe that you make your own luck. Keep working hard – at your job, your health, your relationships – and you usually get the lifestyle you want and deserve. So my new year’s resolution for 2013 is to keep moving forward and don’t sweat the small stuff. If you are getting married this year, next year or whenever – just make sure you have found the right man. Forget the date and enjoy the moment. That’s my advice.


Make Their Day is a new website and blog like no other from high-end entertainment vendor, Sternberg Clarke. The concept was officially launched to the wedding industry and media on the eve of Tuesday 28th June at the Four Seasons Hotel on Park Lane in London. A crowd of media journalists, wedding bloggers and associated suppliers came together to learn more about this unique project that follows the journey of fictional bride and groom, Sarah and Garry, as they plan their September 2013 “wedding.” If you missed the launch event continue reading to learn more about Make Their Day and click to watch this video and view the video from the launch party itself here.

The site will go behind the scenes with a young couple planning their wedding, allowing readers to see the full wedding planning journey, rather than just the finished result. Make Their Day will post weekly segments of Sarah and Garry meeting with their suppliers, in a realistic and entertaining portrayal of what it’s actually like to have a cake tasting, a dress fitting and much more.

Readers will have the opportunity to chat to the luxury suppliers featured on the site and have direct access to these suppliers in a way that has never been offered before. As Sarah and Garry plan their wedding, readers will get the chance to help the couple make their all important choices when it comes to choosing the items such as the cake, the décor and the all important dress, all of which will be decided by a reader vote. Make Their Day hands the control over to its readers so by the time they need to make the difficult choices for their wedding day, they will have had plenty of practice.

The final event, which will set the stage for the new venture, will see Sarah and Garry  “marry” in a fictional wedding ceremony at One Marylebone, on 24th September 2013 featuring all of the suppliers they visited along the way and the decisions made by reader vote.



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