29 May 2020

Brain love in lockdown

More ideas for mental health in lockdown. THEENK TEA is a 21-day herbal program designed to support your brain function and mental wellbeing, naturally. Each box is packed with 12 herbal

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28 May 2020

Plant power! How to use greenery to boost wellbeing in your home office

As we stumble into the third month of lockdown, those of us continuing to work from home must take their wellbeing seriously. Anxiety, depression, insomnia, lonliness and substance abuse were

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01 Apr 2020

Soothe your skin while working from home

By Dr Daron Seukeran,  consultant dermatologist from sk:n clinics https://www.sknclinics.co.uk/covid-19 While we are all making the effort to distance ourselves from others, it’s important that we continue to look after our health

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05 Sep 2019

A Helping Hand For Entrepreneurs In Bournemouth And Beyond

There are few better places to launch a business in England than Bournemouth, thanks to its transport links to the capital and its skilled and educated workforce; and who could

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27 Nov 2018

Collaborative Business Ideas For 2019

Collaboration is more important than ever for the modern business model. As workforces become more remote and mobile, and stakeholders and customers become a global entity, that widespread dispersion can

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24 Oct 2018

How to Decorate Your Office like a Boss

When it comes to being productive and happy at work, something that plays a huge part but is often forgotten by many is the simple décor and design of your

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28 Mar 2018

Things Every Freelance Journalist Needs When Working from Home

Working as a freelance journalist can come with plenty of desirable perks and benefits, but it also has its drawbacks, particularly if you’re not adequately prepared. Whether, you’ve just started

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