06 Mar 2020

Healthy vegan snacks

As the vegan craze continues, we will profile recipes and products to aid you in your healthy eating journey. Snacks on the go can be problematic so it is a

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10 Feb 2020

Chinese New Year recipe: ALDI’s curried cauliflower

Ingredients Print page 1 x Cauliflower 3 x Garlic Cloves 1 x Red Chilli – approx 15g 1 x 10g piece peeled Fresh Ginger 1 x tsp ground Cumin 1

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24 Jan 2020

More Tesco stores stock ZINDA wraps

Looking to liven up your lunchbreak? How about something ethical,healthy and delicious? ZINDA has quickly established itself as an innovator in the ready-to-go category, with the award-winning AirWraps®, the UK’s

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05 Dec 2019

The Vegan Society range of Fudge Kitchen gifts for Christmas

Julie Black, National Account Manager for Suma Wholefoods said: “Fudge Kitchen have some fantastic new Vegan lines, that offer the perfect gift for family and friends. They have a range that

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01 Nov 2019

Recipe: Vegetarian festive flavours for Christmas

Bored of beef? Tired of turkey? Why not be REALLY adventurous this year and opt for a vegetarian menu? Christmas is the perfect time to enjoy great food – whether

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03 Sep 2019

Photos: Food at Key West Bar and Grill

According to Bournemouth.co.uk: “Key West Bar & Grill is located at the end of Bournemouth’s most iconic landmark ‘Bournemouth Pier’. Key West is open 7 days a week all year

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05 Jul 2019

Is this the UK’s most luxurious vegan burger?

Caviar, truffles, mac n cheese – not things you would usually associate with a vegan burger! But the experts at Miami Burger have created ‘The Mayfair’ to give vegans the

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14 Feb 2019

Bournemouth’s Terrior Tapas best in CLASS

It’s official. Blue drinks are well back in fashion. Fine line-up at @classbarmag #CLASSBarAwards Smartly done by all the sponsor bars keeping the UK's most discerning bar professionals in high

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21 Jun 2018

Waitrose expand their vegetarian range

Now we know there are a lot of vegetarians and vegans in the Bournemouth area and some fantastic eateries that cater to your needs. But sometimes you just want to

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12 May 2018

Best vegetarian Cantonese dishes

To celebrate National Vegetarian Week, we’ve been trawling our archives for some very special recipes. the chefs at Royal China have revealed their tops tips for how to create delicious,

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