23 Jan 2020

Photos: new Renaissance treatment at Lush

REVIEW TO FOLLOW :watch this space! ● Meditation for those who don’t think they can meditate ● Affordable lunch break treatment ● Find headspace during busy times ● Working with

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03 Mar 2018

Cancer survivor enters charity walk

After receiving the all clear from breast cancer last year, 54-year-old Sue Andress decided to give back and help others facing this terrifying disease. She is walking a half-marathon around

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11 Sep 2016

Free consultations at Nuffield Health Bournemouth Hospital

Nuffield Health in Bournemouth offers much more than traditional procedures. If you are worried about fertility, considering cosmetic surgery or simply want advice on long-term niggles such as aches, pains or tummy troubles,

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30 Sep 2014

Depression treatment without medication (yay!)

Two thirds of patients trialling a new treatment for depression are showing improvement. Depression affects about 1 in 10 people every year. Studies show that up to two thirds of

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