27 Nov 2018

Collaborative Business Ideas For 2019

Collaboration is more important than ever for the modern business model. As workforces become more remote and mobile, and stakeholders and customers become a global entity, that widespread dispersion can

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24 Oct 2018

How to Decorate Your Office like a Boss

When it comes to being productive and happy at work, something that plays a huge part but is often forgotten by many is the simple décor and design of your

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17 Feb 2016

Mini moguls win school’s Dragons’ Den challenge

Tech Tidy, a group from Poole Grammar School who designed and created a holder to be used for mobile phones while they are charging, are the region’s latest digital moguls! The savvy

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10 Dec 2014

Let’s all geek out for a minute…

… and talk about the Top 10 Tech predictions for 2015. Yeah, this shizzle gets me excited. Biometrics and tokenisation lead the list in the whitepaper available for free download from

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18 Sep 2014

Silicon Beach 2014 #silicon2014

The first day of Silicon Beach UK 2014 (#Silicon2014 @siliconbeachuk) was a massive success for both Bournemouth and the creative/digital industries as a whole. The day kicked off with one of

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08 Apr 2013

Review: Toma Sundays Masquerade Ball

Toma is the popular Sunday party populated not only by foreign students but also those unfortunate types who work Fridays and Saturday nights. The last Sunday of March, they were

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