11 May 2017

Amazing spaces: How to create a relaxing environment

Your home should be a haven but the reality is often quite different. Mess, kids, gadgets, laundry can all send stress levels soaring. But you don’t have to have a

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06 Apr 2017

Do you prefer crafting to sex???

We get a lot of surveys here at BNI towers but one this morning really made us giggle. It claims women over 24 are more likely to spend time doing

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05 Dec 2016

Top tips to avoid festive stress

Christmas can be stressful for even the hardiest of brains. But if you are prone to anxiety and/or depression, you really MUST take care of yourself over the festive season

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11 Nov 2014

Self-Care is not selfish: a Moodscope blog

Share your thoughts on the below:  post a comment on the Moodscope blogspot To care is a basic human instinct: We care. It doesn’t matter if we’re the care giver or

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26 Sep 2014

Autumn fashion picks from £8

Autumn = sorted! Just add your favourite jeans, some skinny white T-shirts from Next, some Primark vests and your favourite sloppy jumpers to this little lot and you will be

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07 Sep 2014

Bournemouth jobs: is stress ruining your life?

Stress and anxiety are unfortunately an all-to common part of corporate life. But would you be less stressed if you moved to a new firm? Or is it better the

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Bournemouth beach jobs
25 Jul 2013

Editor’s blog: 6 Week Body Transformation – week 5 (the education)

Week 1: the whinge Week 2: the breakthrough Week 3: the slip-up Week 4: the redemption Week 5: the lightbulb moment I had another breakthrough this week. It wasn’t good

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11 Jul 2013

Is stress making you fat?

Your thoughts can directly impact your body – and an interactive new seminar aims to show you how stress and negativity can be standing in the way of your dream

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16 May 2013

Guest blog: reduce stress, reduce belly fat

It’s summer and everyone is shrinking – well, at least we are trying to shrink. The cold spring has worked in our favour, allowing us to load on the jumpers

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21 Nov 2012

National Freelancers Day: why working for yourself is good for the soul

It is National Freelancers’ Day and the ideal time to consider working for yourself. Online accountants Crunch Accounting shows that 47% of all UK freelancers would never be tempted back

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