07 Jul 2019

Cryotherapy for smooth summer skin

Cryotherapy is much more than just a celebrity beauty fad. Loved by Cherie Blair, the Real Housewives and me, the innovative treatment is also used to treat sporting injuries and

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26 Oct 2017

Benefits of Omega 3, 6, 9: Cheryl’s X Factor fish oil secret

If it’s good enough for Cheryl, it’s good enough for us. News reveals that the X Factor guest judge uses supplements to ensure she gets her fix of fish oils

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18 Mar 2015

Summer skin: dos and don’ts

By Lyndsey Jackson-Guy The Club Spa, Green Street, St. Helier, Jersey For reservations  call 01534 876 500 or visit www.theclubjersey.com Dos Do use SPF even when it still seems like

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