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09 Aug 2018

The psychology behind festival ‘goosebumps’

As festival season draws to a close, researchers from Harvard are planning on-site experiments to learn more about the psychology of festivals – particularly the ‘goosebump moment’ of euphoria during

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06 Mar 2018

Do you watch or PLAY sports?

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) wants to transform everyone from TV junkies to champions by encouraging everyone to take on its flagship event, the London to Brighton Bike Ride, and

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03 Mar 2018

Cancer survivor enters charity walk

After receiving the all clear from breast cancer last year, 54-year-old Sue Andress decided to give back and help others facing this terrifying disease. She is walking a half-marathon around

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18 Apr 2013

Depression: why life feels ‘out of control’

Interesting research has come to light suggesting reasons why people with depression often feel their life is out of control or under threat. Research funded by the Economic and Social

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