08 Aug 2019

Gin gin darling! Summer cocktails using 77 Berry and 77 Blush

Need a cool cocktail to impress your guests this summer? You need 77 Blus and 77 Berry, now available at Tesco Bournemouth stores and across the UK. You can also

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09 Mar 2018

Bournemouth jobs: home-working, the key to a happy family

Getting a work-life-family balance is a constant battle. Working part-time, working from home, going self-employed can help – one or both of you! Surprisingly, the Workingmums.co.uk annual survey found that less than a

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27 Mar 2015

Bournemouth jobs: manage your expectations

A job used to be for paying the bills: now it’s about following our heart’s desire – AND paying the bills. Are you asking for too much? Can you have

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24 Nov 2014

Business is booming – let’s expand!

Today, Dorset and Hampshire: tomorrow, the world! One in six firms has plans to expand into Europe, according to the respected November jobs outlook for the REC (Recruitment and Employment

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03 Nov 2014

Nominations open for this year’s Dorset & Hampshire HR Awards

It has been a fantastic year in business and now it’s time to celebrate and reward those HR stars who form the backbone of the best Dorset and Hampshire firms.

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31 Oct 2014

Bournemouth jobs: don’t lie on your CV!

We’ve all considered it at some point but lying – or ‘exaggerating’ – your experience on your CV only ends in disaster. You are doing yourself, and your future employer,

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06 Oct 2014

Nine in 10 young people ‘not ready for work’

Young people are mostly not ready for the workplace. The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) warned not enough young people had the required standards of communication and teamwork for the workplace

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03 Oct 2014

Why we are going further to find work

Did you know last week was National Work Life Week? Research commissioned to demonstrate that workers are commuting further than ever before – the average British one-way commute is now

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28 Sep 2014

Temps – Bournemouth needs you!

It’s great being a temp in the commercial, IT, accountancy or HR industry. No office politics or redundancy fears… the chance to meet new people… variety of work. I love

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28 Jul 2014

Bournemouth employment: jobs for all ages

More must bne done to tackle youth unemployment, a new report warns. Think tank IPPR argues that youth unemployment is lower in countries where the vocational route into employment through formal education

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