03 Aug 2019

How Travel Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Travel cannot only help you to escape the monotony of everyday life and create wonderful memories, but it can also have a powerful impact on your physical, mental and emotional

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30 Jul 2019

Five ways to boost your confidence every day

Confidence can be faked – or learnt! You don’t have to suffer from chronic anxiety to suffer with day-to-day tasks, with distractions such as work, family, friends and responsibilities weighing

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07 Jul 2019

Cryotherapy for smooth summer skin

Cryotherapy is much more than just a celebrity beauty fad. Loved by Cherie Blair, the Real Housewives and me, the innovative treatment is also used to treat sporting injuries and

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08 Mar 2019

Red Table Talk: binge-watch on International Women’s Day

It may have become infamous due to its role in the latest Kardashian drama – Jordyn Woods vs Kylie Jenner vs Khloe Kardashian and so on and so on –

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09 Apr 2018

Insomnia: ‘Coloured noise’ helps you sleep

Almost two thirds of Brita surveyed about stress said that they were ‘unhappy ‘ with the amount of sleep they were getting. As we enter Stress Awareness Month, this worrying

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09 Sep 2014

Employment is good for mental health

Working is good for your mental health – fact. Unfortunately, lack of awareness among employers leave many of those with depression, anxiety or other wellbeing issues at home and isolated.

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13 Aug 2014

Robin Williams, super hero

Guest blog from Moodscope.com And so this morning I woke to the shocking news that Robin Williams has left this earthly planet. A loss. A huge loss. A talented and

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03 Sep 2012

Health advice: beat stress, live well, be happy

BournemouthNews.info is committed to making life on the south coast more fun! We work hard, play hard and take our health seriously. Our new wellbeing columns will look at every

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