09 Jul 2019

How to Update Your Look this Summer

With summertime in full swing, everyone’s enjoying the temperate and warm days. Of course, with activities like going to the beach or having pool parties becoming popular during the summer,

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01 Jul 2019

Would there be fewer deaths if we were all vegan?

A new report sensationally claims there would be 130,000 FEWER DEATHS annually if the UK’s meat-eaters went vegan. The Veganism Impact Report reflects the huge impact on the UK’s health,

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04 Jan 2019

How to burn off your Christmas dinner

Did you know we consume an average of more than 4,000 calories on Christmas Day? That’s according to a poll of 7,600 UK adults by sports retailer Decathlon. But don’t

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16 Mar 2018

Motivate to lose weight: free trial at Bournemouth gym

By Jango, from Jango Fitness, Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth Right, now some of you are frustrated and struggling to get the results you need and want and are trying to battle

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23 Feb 2018

Get fit for free in time for summer with Jango Fitness

Wanted: guinea pigs to trial Jango Fitness’s new 10 in 21 fitness programme. It’s an exercise:nutrition:life coaching, all-round approach to fitness that has already helped hundreds tone up and get

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20 Jan 2018

Fitness tips for men: get to the barre!

It isn’t just women that can shape up with the help of dance. You can train harder and shape up faster with the help of the barre – not that

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03 Aug 2013

Find out how stress is making you fat

It may be Saturday but step away from the wine and crisps! An interactive seminar taking place next Thursday, August 8, at The Green House Hotel will reveal the secrets

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16 May 2013

Guest blog: reduce stress, reduce belly fat

It’s summer and everyone is shrinking – well, at least we are trying to shrink. The cold spring has worked in our favour, allowing us to load on the jumpers

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23 Nov 2012

Bootcamp breaks in Bournemouth give good habits for life

Plush surroundings, gorgeous food and tips on living well. You can start 2013 as you mean to go on with a health and wellbeing break in Bournemouth that may turn

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19 Nov 2012

The Queens Hotel launches New Year bootcamp

Treat yourself this Christmas by knowing that you can start 2013 the right way by getting fit, eating well and having fun, all with the help of the Queens Hotel

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