Emily Atack, Laura Whitmore and Zara Martin
12 Nov 2017

Shape up for Christmas: get back into that LBD in just four weeks

Recommended: four weeks to a new you An “emergency tone-up plan” has been launched to help ladies in Bournemouth, Ringwood, Lansdowne and the surrounding areas get their dream body BEFORE

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25 Nov 2013

Wellbeing: beat the bloat with our chicken pizza recipe

Last week, local fitness trainer and ‘get-sexy guy’ Jango admitted he, too, has cravings for pizza. Personal trainers are humans too! He also made the very valid point that if

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22 Nov 2013

Lose weight for Christmas: ‘My love hate relationship with Domino’s’

If I’ve learnt one thing this year it’s that what you eat affects far more than just your waistline. Your choice of food affects mood, too, and cravings for carbs

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05 Sep 2013

Who will be Bournemouth’s Biggest Loser? Volunteers wanted for diet competition

A Bournemouth-based Biggest Loser scheme is looking for volunteers who want to lose two stone or more to join a diet and fitness plan with an air of friendly competition

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06 Aug 2013

Take control of your brain to take control of your figure

One of the best parts about getting ill in 2009 was getting an education – albeit the hard way – about the complete mind-body approach to health. Medication didn’t make

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2012-10-25 12.59.21
03 Aug 2013

Find out how stress is making you fat

It may be Saturday but step away from the wine and crisps! An interactive seminar taking place next Thursday, August 8, at The Green House Hotel will reveal the secrets

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Jango 6 week results plan diet
25 Jul 2013

Editor’s blog: 6 Week Body Transformation – week 6 (results, rejoice, regret)

There are free taster weeks at Jango Health & Fitness coming up in August and September. What have you got to lose? Well, look what I lost. Email news@bournemouthnews.info to

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Bournemouth beach jobs
25 Jul 2013

Editor’s blog: 6 Week Body Transformation – week 5 (the education)

Week 1: the whinge Week 2: the breakthrough Week 3: the slip-up Week 4: the redemption Week 5: the lightbulb moment I had another breakthrough this week. It wasn’t good

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Bikini body diet Bournemouth
19 Jul 2013

Diet and wellbeing: do you want to lose weight from your lower half?

As the bikini weather continues, you may still be feeling self-conscious on the beach. And what a waste of good weather that would be! No fear, we are here to

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11 Jul 2013

Is stress making you fat?

Your thoughts can directly impact your body – and an interactive new seminar aims to show you how stress and negativity can be standing in the way of your dream

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