30 Jul 2019

Five ways to boost your confidence every day

Confidence can be faked – or learnt! You don’t have to suffer from chronic anxiety to suffer with day-to-day tasks, with distractions such as work, family, friends and responsibilities weighing

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07 Jul 2019

Cryotherapy for smooth summer skin

Cryotherapy is much more than just a celebrity beauty fad. Loved by Cherie Blair, the Real Housewives and me, the innovative treatment is also used to treat sporting injuries and

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13 May 2017

Beat your demons; battle your inner critic

By Georgia Foster Hypnotherapist and addictions expert georgia@georgiafoster.com www.georgiafoster.com Click here to buy The Observational Inner Critic Tool  When I studied Voice Dialogue (Psychology of Selves) 22 years ago, one of

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Hair by Andrew Barton
11 Sep 2012

Hot hair tips for mums on the run

The great back to school exodus has begun and mums on the run in Bournemouth may be feeling frazzled. When you are looking after everyone else and knee-deep in packed

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