26 Mar 2020

Luxury Brands and Female Entrepreneurs: What Makes them Perfect for Each Other?

Female business leaders are slowly rising in number with successful names such as Ginni Rometty and Mary Teresa Barra leading the way. They are the perfect combination of strong leadership

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13 Mar 2020

Is Bournemouth a Good Base for a Haulage Business?

Thinking about starting up your own haulage firm? This can be an incredibly lucrative business if you plan it correctly. One of the key decisions you need to make is

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05 Mar 2020

Five common online scams to be aware of

Falling prey to online scams can be easy in today’s digital world where there are so many touchpoints, channels and apps vying for our time and sophisticated fraudsters out there

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12 Jan 2020

New year, New Zealand?

It’s that time of year. Sabbaticals are essential to our generation to take a break from day to day life and expand our horizons. OOf course, it makes sense to

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15 Dec 2019

Travel: essentials for travelling really LIGHTLY

The international appeal of manufacturing partners, exhibitions and shows or photographic locations for our campaigns – Brexit or no Brexit – means that travel wear,  luggage and accessories are more

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05 Dec 2019

Five Key Pieces of Software for Businesses

In recent years, technology has become integral to the ordinary running of a business, with many companies being reliant on software applications to boost their business operations. Technology can be

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24 Oct 2019

Home truths: Have your say about energy

Have your say on Bournemouth energy! A new poll found that almost half of the respondents from Dorset aren’t aware that gas boilers are one of the main ways households

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05 Sep 2019

A Helping Hand For Entrepreneurs In Bournemouth And Beyond

There are few better places to launch a business in England than Bournemouth, thanks to its transport links to the capital and its skilled and educated workforce; and who could

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18 Jun 2019

Beans & Bites win green award

Dorset is famed for its green businesses – and now one of Christchurch’s newest entrepreneurs is Robyn Martin, whose mobile coffee store has just become Bournemouth’s first business ever to

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