29 Jun 2020

Recipe: Strawberry jelly jars

We all love strawberries and, as they are in season, you can enjoy them on their own with cream and sugar or try something a bit more adventurous. Kids will

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08 Jun 2020

Pancakes for just over 12p each

Sweet pancakes are a fridge staple chez Suzi. They are long life, quick to cook and pair well with everything from a squeeze of lemon to a full-on fruit compote.

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03 Jun 2020

Recipe: Chocolate treat for lockdown

Ingredients 100g plain dark chocolate (around 85% cocoa solids) 25g unsalted, shelled raw pistachios 25g cranberries Method Line a medium sized baking tray with baking paper. On high heat, bring

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01 Jun 2020

Magic Breakfasts donate to Bournemouth children

With many families adjusting to the post lockdown school run, it is good to know that vulnerable children and families in Bournemouth are being encouraged to provide a healthy breakfast.

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11 May 2020

New breakfast ideas for after lockdown

We all can’t wait to get back to work! But breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You should have three breakfasts, at least. So here are some

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04 Apr 2020

Recipe: Rocky Road tray bake

In these tough times, cooking is the perfect way to keep busy without neglecting the family. This recipe from Aldi is perefect for an early afternoon snack. Ingredients 500g Leftover

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18 Mar 2020

Mother’s Day at Aldi

With eating out being disencouraged due to the coronavirus for over-70s, you can still cook a slap up meal for Mother’s Day from home, on a budget, with the help

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07 Mar 2020

New menu at Costa Coffee

The new March specials at Costa Coffee just been announced combining old favourites with new alternative options. Flat White, Oat Flat White, Coconut Flat White and the returning Flat Black, a more intense

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01 Jun 2019

Deal of the day: Breakfast at Cafe Rouge

Get up to 20% Extra Off Your First Deal when you sign up to GroupOn. Use code WELCOME at checkout for 20% Extra Off Local and Getaways, or 10% Extra

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14 Jan 2019

Vegan options all year round at Cosy Club

Veganuary has really taken off, with even carnivores such as Gordon Ramsay adding meat-free options to their restaurant menus. But Veganism isn’t just for January. You’ll find this menu available

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