07 Apr 2020

Try PMD for an at-home facial

A bit of pampering should be a daily occurence right now. So we are intrigued to try the PMD collagen sheet mask. It’s designed for anti-aging and removal of lines

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01 Apr 2020

Beauty buys you might not know you need

Much as I love writing about beauty, this blog pains me. Through my features, blogs and Twitter feed, I’ve made a name for myself as a health writer that favours

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01 Apr 2020

Soothe your skin while working from home

By Dr Daron Seukeran,  consultant dermatologist from sk:n clinics https://www.sknclinics.co.uk/covid-19 While we are all making the effort to distance ourselves from others, it’s important that we continue to look after our health

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23 Jan 2020

Photos: new Renaissance treatment at Lush

REVIEW TO FOLLOW :watch this space! ● Meditation for those who don’t think they can meditate ● Affordable lunch break treatment ● Find headspace during busy times ● Working with

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18 Aug 2019

Coconut oil face mask: tried and tested

Find out more: 16 Stunning Benefits of MCT Oil More home tips at www.hometipsworld.com Buy coconut oil here https://bettermindbodysoul.com/benefits-of-mct-oil/ You are what you eat, they say. Well, the same applies to the

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30 May 2019

Preview: Dolphin Shopping Centre fashion show

On the weekend of Saturday June 1 and Sunday June 2, you can get summer styling tips at a unique event at Dolphin Shopping Centre in Poole. The show will

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02 Apr 2019

Berry nice! Make your own anti-ageing face mask

Vitamin C is your secret weapon when it comes to health AND beauty. It’s an essential element in any detox, to help the body and skin fight free radicals and

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12 Mar 2019

How Men Can Age Gracefully

It’s a sad fact of life, but age affects everyone. Aging gracefully was traditionally something women would be more worried about; however, an increasing number of men want to do

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08 Mar 2019

How to Update Your Look this Summer

With summertime in full swing, everyone’s enjoying the temperate and warm days. Of course, with activities like going to the beach or having pool parties becoming popular during the summer,

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29 Dec 2018

Match your hair and nails this New Year’s Eve

We love getting dressed up for New Year’s Eve. But before you pick that killer outfit, considering your hair – and your nails. Yes, you can compliment the tone of

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