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23 Aug 2017

Top tips for crazy cat ladies

I’ve recently got two more cats in my life. It’s been almost a year since I lost Trixie and it’s time to be a crazy cat lady again. It’s not

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06 Apr 2017

Do you prefer crafting to sex???

We get a lot of surveys here at BNI towers but one this morning really made us giggle. It claims women over 24 are more likely to spend time doing

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25 Jul 2016

Health treatments: what’s the alternative?

Do you want to beat the blues? Don’t just accept low mood, depleted energy or restless nights as your lot in life – take action! In my opinion, there are

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09 Dec 2014

Struggling to sleep? Blame the Full Moon (yes, really)

Did you get much sleep this weekend? Me neither. But research shows it’s not just werewolves and vampires who get little or no sleep when there is a full moon.

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11 Nov 2014

Self-Care is not selfish: a Moodscope blog

Share your thoughts on the below:  post a comment on the Moodscope blogspot To care is a basic human instinct: We care. It doesn’t matter if we’re the care giver or

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09 Sep 2014

Employment is good for mental health

Working is good for your mental health – fact. Unfortunately, lack of awareness among employers leave many of those with depression, anxiety or other wellbeing issues at home and isolated.

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