24 May 2020

Fear of flying: added extras that’ll help you cope

It takes a lot to get me on a plane. I really hate to fly, it makes me anxious, no matter how many times I’ve read the safety stats or

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08 Jun 2019

What The Perfect Holiday Means

Everyone that starts planning a trip to go somewhere wants everything to turn out perfect. You want to create the perfect memories, expect the perfect sunrise or sunset, the perfect

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20 Dec 2017

Travel: help with tours in transit

My editor once joked that all my travel features are peppered with references to how much I hate to fly. But I do! It’s stressful, long-winded but unfortunately a necessary

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16 May 2016

RyanAir: new routes from Bournemouth airport

RyanAir has renewed its commitment to Bournemouth airport, launching a new route to Krakow and three new winter services to Faro, Gran Canaria and Malta. Seven routes in total are available

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21 Feb 2016

Taxi Bournemouth to Heathrow airport, Gatwick, Stansted

Booking a holiday for Easter, half-term or summer 2016? Book your airport transfers in advance for the best prices and minimal hassle. It’s cheaper to get a taxi from Bournemouth

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11 Nov 2015

FlyBe flies out of Bournemouth airport

FlyBe is ending its flights from Bournemouth airport, just six months after setting up camp on the coast. Southampton airport is expected to benefit, as flights to Jersey, Glasgow, Dublin,

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13 Dec 2014

Will my flight from Bournemouth airport be delayed?

The good news is, no! Well, no more than usual… Despite the fact that the computer failure that affected air traffic control took place in Hampshire, the Echo confirms that

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28 May 2014

Cheap airport parking deals and meet and greet at Bournemouth airport

Save up to 60 per cent off the cost of airport parking! Jetting away from Bournemouth airport this summer? We’ve teamed up with A2Bparking.com to secure cheap deals for holidaymakers

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03 Oct 2013

Bournemouth holiday deals: Prague, our destination of the month

City breaks are huge this winter and easyJet’s most popular destination currently is Prague! October is a big month for music, with the Strings of Autumn festival running throughout the month.

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Hilton Gatwick airport
13 May 2013

Deal of the day: 3% off parking, hotels and lounges

We’ve got yet more holiday discounts for you today with a further 3% off parking, hotels and lounges with no credit card or debit card charges with Holiday Extras. Just click

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