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Stag dos and other important celebrations you’ll have to organise in your best friend’s life

We all have a best mate, right? Well as much as they can be a real pain in the you know where, we love them really, but don’t let them know that, golden rule!

But one of the tasks of being a best friend will be organising various life events, celebrations and parties over the years.

This guide will outline the main ones and give some ideas about how to do it.

18th Birthday Party or Night Out
Although you will have shared many birthday celebrations throughout your childhood these will have largely been organised by your mothers or fathers and although the birthday boy or girl will have had some input in the venue and activity it was very much with a parent in the driving seat.

Once you hit 18 you are really getting into the stage of life where you can do this yourself. You can organise trips to bars or clubs, book licensed premises (but don’t go too crazy) or you could plan a trip. Check out this great article on how to plan a holiday with friends and you’ll surely find something that everyone loves.

Stag Do or Hen Do
This is the big one and if you are lucky enough to be a best man or head bridesmaid then this ‘honour’ will fall to you. The traditional night at the pub has evolved into a much more involved and lengthy affair often involving trips away, such as a Malaga stag do these trips can make for a life-long memory that everyone will always remember.

When organising these be sure to allow everyone plenty of time to book time off work and organise child-care etc as this is the point in life where we all need a little more planning.

Assuming the stag or hen do wasn’t a complete disaster, then you will have to help organise aspects of the wedding, from the dresses or suits to getting your friend ready and to the venue on time on the big day. There are guides online for head bridesmaids or help with the dreaded best man’s speech.

This is a very stressful time as well as a very happy time, so your role will be very much one of emotional support as well as practical support, so be prepared to deal with any nerves, wobbles or mini-breakdowns and you can help ensure the day goes smoothly and becomes the perfect memory it should really be.

Birth of Their Child
This is almost always the most significant event in your friend’s life, it will change the dynamic of their family set-up forever.

Admittedly you won’t be as involved as some of the other events listed in this article but you may be on hand to help organise a baby shower or celebration of the birth, or even just being around for a bit of support.

40th and 60th Birthdays
A more advanced birthday need not be a sedentary affair, check out this wild 40th birthday party at Canvas in Bournemouth so although life has slowed down somewhat there is still room for a bit of excess for a special occasion! Keep in mind the guest list and try and find a compromise that will suit everyone.



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