Review: Whiplash

Last week, Salisbury arts centre showed the 15-rated film, Whiplash directed by Damien Chazelle. Whiplash is the intense story of a young American drummer named Andrew (Miles Teller) and his passion to be the best after constant rejection from his strict jazz band teacher Terence Fletcher (J.K Simmons) who pushes him to the brink of his ability.

The film was rated 15 so was therefore aimed at a 15+ audience, filled with strong language, blood, sweat and tears to emphasise the strictness of the teacher and the pain Andrew is going through to get his goal to be core drummer in his teachers award-winning jazz band.

While the director did everything right to bring the story forward , the story itself had no real conclusion , you are lead to believe that Andrew does become core for the band but his relationship with Nicole (Melissa Benoist) which is built up for the first half of the film before ending half way through another scene with these two characters was needed to fully explain what happened. Some could describe it as a cliffhanger style ending but why would that be used in a film that won’t have a sequel?

For a 107-min film, Whiplash does very well at being a character-driven piece, with viewers having a genuine interest in the characters, even if you are not passionate about the films focus, jazz and drumming.

Whiplash is recommended than anyone who prefers character driven films to the average summer blockbuster and therefore, in terms of entertainment  and film-making potential, is given 8.4 as an average stars from SACs’ box office.




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