Review: The Script

The Script supported by Ella Eyre

Bournemouth International Centre, 22 February 2018

By Alice Rook

Photos by Charlie Raven, NME Music Photography Award Winner

With five albums to their name and numerous tours under their belt, the popular Irish rock pop band took to the BIC stage last night to a sea of adoring fans. They’ve been in the charts for over ten years and despite a brief hiatus away from the limelight, last night proved The Script are back in full force and deserve every ounce of recognition they get.

Support act Ella Eyre did a top job of whipping the crowd into an excitable frenzy. With a voice as big (if not bigger!) than her hair, Ella stunned in orange and white. With powerhouse vocals and effortless charisma, she set t

he night off to a promising start. New song LOV(E) went down well with the crowd, with vocals that told a tale of searching for a connection ‘Even though it’s hard to keep / Say L O, L O, L O V E, V E.’

My favourite part of Ella’s set was undoubtedly when she stripped it all back for a cover version of ‘We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off.’ Bringing the tempo back up, Ella then treated fans to ‘Came Here For Love,’ (ft. Sigala), the smash-hit 2017 summer anthem.

After a quick turnaround, The Script’s set started. Before the lights came up and the band arrived on stage, the audience was shown introductory fan interviews and video snippets where people were asked what freedom meant to them. This was a moving and inspirational start to the main show. Aptly named ‘Freedom Child,’ the tour is a celebration of positivity, freedom and confidence to be and do, whatever makes you happy.

An excitable (and blonde!) Danny O’Donoghue bounced onto the stage for opening song ‘Superheroes.’ Early on in the set, the crowd was treated to a snowglobe of emerald confetti, which was both visually stunning and served as a gentle reminder of The Script’s nationality.

After a series of up-tempo songs, The Script took a step back for ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved,’ with Danny singing the first half of the song a cappella, seated on the side of the stage. It was the most tender moment of the evening, with the audience singing along to every word. Half way through the song, the rest of the band kicked in and carried the song through to its end.

Fans were treated to several new songs, including ‘Arms Open,’ which wrapped the audience into its dreamy and ethereal backdrop of blue lighting and bubble visual effects.

The staging was impressive – there were split screens behind the band, showing up to seven different screens. Each screen showed a different band member and different shot of the stage, so the audience’s interest was held throughout.

Towards the end of the set, the band ‘disappeared,’ with Danny re-appearing at the balcony of the BIC. A brave Danny made his way across the front row around the entire arena, stopping for high fives, hugs and selfies with members of the audience. Having seen many gigs at the BIC, this was a first!

Rushing back to the stage, The Script played top single ‘Rain’ before leaving fans stomping their feet and cheering for an encore. Back by demand, the impressive set finished with ‘Breakeven (Falling To Pieces)’ and ‘Hall of Fame’ and one final cannon shot of silver confetti.

Danny closed the show with a message to spread ‘nothing but positivity.’ And judging by the smiles on everyone’s faces and the energy in the room, The Script had done just that for Bournemouth last night.



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