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Food review: the new Walkabout in Bournemouth

FullSizeRender (2)Oh, this job is hard, sometimes. After checking out Walkabout’s new Aussie-themed interior in the madeover Bournemouth bar, we went back to sample their new menu and see if the food would live up to the new surroundings.

Along with my dining com padre (my wifeeeeeee) we visited midweek in the hope to kick back and enjoy some hump day respite. Naturally we weren’t expecting fine dining, but what we did hope for was some decent pub grub. We were greeted by our friendly waitress, Rebecca, who sat us in one of their new booth style seats on the old stage area. I’m happy to report there was no flashbacks to 26-year-old me losing control of my limbs to Rihanna Rude Boy.

The first pleasant surprise was when we were offered drinks. The wife is a big Aspall fan, which they had on draft – so she was happy. And what’s this? Birra Moretti? Jurassic Park!

One of my favourite lagers and one you rarely find on tap, so we were off to a good start. Next up, we perused the menu. Walkabout have gone with the paper foldout option – if this means they can replace them regularly to avoid sticky pages and chewed corners, I’d say that’s a smart move. But because normal people care more about what’s on the menu, rather than its presentation, I’ll give you a quick overview. It’s essentially hot dogs, burgers and grills, with some sharing platters and salads thrown in for good measure. And yes, the Aussie theme is very much apparent.

FullSizeRender (1)Because we thought ‘when in Rome’, we went with dipping shrimp and some sweet potato fries to start. I couldn’t resist spouting the “let’s put another shrimp on the barbie” quote in my best (horrendous) Australian accent, and we continued the theme and went for kangaroo steak and a wild boar burger for main. It was novel being able to eat kangaroo, and it was tasty too – as was the rest of the meal.

We were both pleasantly surprised as Walkabout delivered on the decent pub grub front, but added a welcome twist. Also, there was a bottle of BBQ sauce on the table. None of this asking for BBQ sauce and getting a sample presented in a petri dish – it was a good old-fashioned bottle. Hurrah Walkabout! We skipped dessert, because we’re sweet enough (practising my Dad jokes now that I’m married), but Rebecca assured us that the chocolate brownie was divine.

The drink selection alone is enough to entice me back, but I can see Walkabout being a favourite for larger (and lager) groups who may be looking for reasonably priced food that’s appetising and a bit of fun.

And right now, with their opening offer of 50% off selected food and drink when you order between 5 and 7pm Monday to Friday, a bit of grilled Skippy becomes even more appealing.




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Dominic Brancaleone

Dominic Brancaleone

Dom completed a BA (Hons) degree in Arts & Media and gained a number of professional credits working on film and TV productions before heading to Bournemouth to complete a screenwriting Masters degree. Now he spends most of his time rowing and producing video content for national and international brands.


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