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Royal Blood at Bournemouth BIC

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By Russ Collins

I arrived in time for the second support act of the evening “At The Drive In” – a punk rock band hailing from El Paso Texas who formed in 1994 who split and then reunited again in 2012.

These guys are an epic act in their own right but didn’t get the crowd going as crazy as I’ve seen in videos of other performances of them – par for the course for support bands perhaps?

That is probably because it was Royal Blood the fans were here to see, an English hard rock duo formed in Brighton in 2013 and are now a well-established name on the British rock scene debuting their second album How Did It Get So Dark?.

These guys have built up a loyal fan base who were ecstatic and roaring with pleasure to see frontman Mike Kerr burst onto the stage with the opening rift of UK Rock & Metal singles chart topper Lights Out – a mosh pit immediately formed at the front and I was left wondering how he manages to make his bass guitar sound as epic as that, wailing like a banshee and some foot pedal wizardry along with his mate ben thatcher thrashing the drums and dropping a couple of epic solo’s it didn’t take long to work out how this pair rose to the top of their game so fast.

It’s hard to describe a specific genre for their sound but think along the lines of Queens of the stone age hard rock mixed with a 1970s psychedelic punch this is the stuff you can just lose yourself in.

The crowd were rapturous at the end of the set for the closing track ‘out of the black’ with nearly everyone stood up in the upper balcony.  something you do not see at the BIC very often!

Tracks that stood out for me where lights out, I only lie when I love you and Ten tonne skeleton.  Ben and Mike exude raw talent and have an incredible rapport with each other on stage appearing completely synchronised at all times which is definitely the key to their phenomenal success.

Royal Blood are pure rock at its finest and I can confidently call them one of the finest bands to come out of the UK this decade.

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