Recommends: Monty’s Lounge – Pokesdown

If you live in or around Pokesdown, you’ll know about Monty’s Burger Lounge. And if you don’t, you need to get a life! Seriously, it’s an awesome place to chill, eat great burgers and enjoy an alcoholic beverage (or two).

Monty’s opened just over three years ago, and has established itself as one of the best (and most friendly) burger bars in the area.

Started by brothers Christian and Mike, dubbed ‘The Burger Brothers’, it’s a true independent restaurant where they clearly care about the quality of their food and service.

So what is a Monty’s experience like?

As we entered the restaurant, we were delighted to see that the quaint interior we know and love from Pokesdown had been mirrored (with a few tweaks) in Bournemouth. The whole place feels fresh, clean and well laid out, and I’m informed that they’re currently working on something exciting (top secret) plans for the basement. The staff were their usual friendly selves, and it wasn’t long before we were enjoying a drink as we checked out the menu.

The special of the day was a buttermilk-fried chicken burger with fresh ranch dressing, and there was no way I wasn’t going to give that a try. We also ordered a ‘say cheese’ burger, along with sweet potato fries (with the bacon and maple syrup upgrade), rustic fries and seasonal coleslaw. Our waitress informed us that the burger would come medium, and asked if that was OK. It was music to my ears, as I happen to believe that all burgers should be served medium with a little bit of pink. But don’t panic if that’s not your thing, the warning is there for a reason and you can always opt for it to be well done.

The buttermilk-fried chicken burger was a taste sensation – it melted in the mouth like you wouldn’t believe, and I was a little gutted that I’d agreed to half it with the missus. As for the beef burger, it was exactly as I expected – perfectly cooked and required no additional sauce or seasoning for flavour.

The best burger I’ve ever tasted was at a well-known burger joint in Barcelona, and I can honestly say that Monty’s has come the closest to that in the UK (and I’ve tried a lot of burgers). The maple syrup seasoning on the sweet potato fries was a little too sweet for my taste, but everything else was faultless. We followed our mains with a brownie and cocktails (you’ve not tasted brownies like these before) and we had fun watching the reaction from tables nearby as their ‘freak shakes’ were presented to them.

If you haven’t seen the freak shake pop up on the Monty’s Facebook timeline, I suggest you check them out – they may be a one-way ticket to type 2 diabetes, but they are like the Holy Grail for anyone with a sweet tooth.

So did Monty’s live up to our high expectations? Definitely. And can the burger brothers establish themselves as being the best burger bar in Bournemouth? Without a doubt.

We’re often heading to town for a drink and want to grab a bite, and resort to our limited number of regular ‘go to’ establishments that aren’t just the same old big chain names. We’re delighted to be able to add Monty’s to that exclusive list!

Burgers cost from £6.50. We also recommend the cocktail masterclass from £20pp. See www.montyslounge.co.uk for more information.



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Dominic Brancaleone

Dominic Brancaleone

Dom completed a BA (Hons) degree in Arts & Media and gained a number of professional credits working on film and TV productions before heading to Bournemouth to complete a screenwriting Masters degree. Now he spends most of his time rowing and producing video content for national and international brands.

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